Online Interaction

onlineThrough Instant Messengers, video chatting, etc, you can interact with Vijay Goel online. But for this you need to take an appointment at least seven days before. You will get a complete report through mail or post. Vijay Goel is available on Skype too.

Personal Interaction

Personal InteractionTo meet Vijay Goel in person in Jaipur, you need to take a prior appointment. For this you can send an email with some of your personal details. So that Pandit ji can study your horoscope easily. Or you can fix a meeting on telephone also. Once you get the confirmation of date and time, then you can approach him. Don’t worry your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Telephonic Interaction

telephoneYou can discuss your issues on telephone too, but again you need to fix an appointment with the executives first. You can buy different types of interaction packages which are available on hourly basis.

Guru Ji’s accuracy is just astounding! Although I never trusted astrology before, but your advice has changed my whole outlook and my life too. I don’t have words to admire him; he has really helped me a lot. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful for your willingness. Everything you did proved to be right and fruitful. I will never forget this. Thanks again for all of your help.

Alan Oken