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authorVijay has inspired me in my career path through his work as a Vedic Astrologer.

-Tonya Spivey

authorVijay Goel is a great vedic astrologer, without telling any topics he told me exactly my situation and what I can do right now. With easy tipps its possible for me to change my situation and I know my whole life will change to be better. If you have any questions, dont be shy to ask Vijay Goel to help you!!!

-Susanne Sirius

authorI found Vijay's Vedic Reading very interesting....I really appreciated his generous spirit in helping me and others with his Readings. I look forward to seeing some of the good outcomes he mentioned for me in the future.

-Stella Temple

authorI am endorsing, the talented Vijay Goel. His reading was realistic and encouraging for me! Thank you Vijay, all the best in your future.

-Elizabeth DuPont

authorVijay is very personable and knowledgeable in his field. He is service-oriented and seeks to help people utilize valid insights and information to help them make more informed, timely decisions regarding career and life changes. I found his information very useful and recommend his services.

-Lisa Vunk

authorGuru ji Shri Vijay Goel ji advice has changed my whole outlook and the way I look at life. I have never imagined that things can happen in this way also. Thanks a lot

-Sachin Saxena

authorA value to all of us

-Martha R Pels Pierce

authori am so thankful for Vijays reading for me! Hes an excellent Astrologer

-Homer Lim

authorVijay ji having extraordinary and rare ability to analyze the Spiritual Aspects of Kundli (Astrological Analysis). The Kundli analysis is not complete if Spiritual aspect is not looked correctly. Its essential for a person to know these details to improve self.

-Manish Soni

authorVijay relayed an excellent message to me today. My soul is vibrating at a higher frequency getting confirmation on a question I had. I have a feeling of deep understanding and peace. Thank you so much for re-contacting me and sharing this information. You are a great messenger! Blessings to you, Vijay! Peace, joy, and Love I send you, with a grateful heart.

-Holly Celestine

authorBeing Media person and after consultanting many astrologers personally over time, I concluded after critically analysis Astrologer Vijay Goel insights over horoscope is very deep, mature, practically and with pinpointed judgment. I hope you create new dimensions.

-Dr. Ajay Kulshrestha

authorI was away on short trip to Jaipur with my family for a marriage during the past few days. I paid a visit to Shri Vijay Goel Ji to say hello. During my visit, we discussed each other’s professional activities and various spiritual matters. Naturally, he asked for my horoscope. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that he was able to extract some good information from my horoscope about my healing work, my personality & most surprising my past life due to which I have taken birth again as per vedic astrology principles. This is surprising because I know these details. Some details about my immediate future were revealed to me by my Guru about some future events regarding some land purchase I would do were confirmed by Vijay Ji. My compliments to you, Vijay Ji. You are an able astrologer. I wish you success & recognition in your astrological career & much abundance. Please accept my gratitude for your time & patience ….. Regards

-Harinder Singh

authorVijay Goel is a very Professional Astrologer. He does pinpoint predictions. We need to make sure that we give him the correct/accurate inputs inorder to get the proper output, which can help your predictions come true. The remedies he provides will help to ease the situation. I admire his strict professionalism and vedic astrology readings.
All the best for your future endeavours, Vijay.

-Praveen Kamble