SWOT Analysis

Health Related IssuesSWOT analysis is a handy way of discovering new opportunities, identifying your potentials and eliminating threats that you face in attaining goals. Understanding our strength and weakness becomes easier with the study of horoscope. Basically it helps one in knowing that what we can do and what we cannot. Intelligence is a genetic character and genes play a vital role in its inheritance. If besides being very intelligent, one does not get the opportunity then he won’t be able to prove his talent. Ultimately all the efforts won’t be materialized. Horoscope analysis helps in predicting that where the potential lies. If from the very beginning we work on our weaker areas then, we can gain confidence and perform better too. Horoscope analysis can be beneficial in:

Individual Growth:

  • Fortifying interpersonal communication and interaction skills
  • Understanding how to please people
  • Enhancing EQ and AQ
  • Improving sexual relationship with your mate.
  • Career improvement
  • Real value of life and internal happiness

Educational terms:

  • Assessment for increasing intelligence in children
  • Understanding communication gap between children and parents
  • Focus only on talents
  • Personalized teaching
  • Improving the strengths

@ INR 2500/- per beneficiary

Guru Ji’s accuracy is just astounding! Although I never trusted astrology before, but your advice has changed my whole outlook and my life too. I don’t have words to admire him; he has really helped me a lot. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful for your willingness. Everything you did proved to be right and fruitful. I will never forget this. Thanks again for all of your help.

Alan Oken