Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space form the five basic elements of the world also known as the Paanchbhootas. Vastu Shastra is about buildingpleasant settings of a place to live or work. In most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called "Paanchbhootas" of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

It is the science of direction by combining all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material. These five elements forms the basis of life on earth and hence inevitably allow us to emphasize on the importance of Vastu in our lives.

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Guru Ji’s accuracy is just astounding! Although I never trusted astrology before, but your advice has changed my whole outlook and my life too. I don’t have words to admire him; he has really helped me a lot. Your enthusiasm is contagious and I am grateful for your willingness. Everything you did proved to be right and fruitful. I will never forget this. Thanks again for all of your help.

Alan Oken